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To design, develop, and implement cutting edge, high performance IT solutions that run securely on internal networks and over the Internet, solving the complex challenges of moving information across large organizations.

"GalaxE.Solutions…with their Outsource to Detroit program…[is putting Americans] back to work."
- President Barack Obama, speaking at The White House Insourcing Forum (January 2012)
"We have established Detroit as a competitive IT hub. From a price standpoint we are on par with the offshore destinations and from a quality standpoint we are winning."
- Tim Bryan, Chairman and CEO, GalaxE.Solutions, speaking at The White House Insourcing Forum (January 2012)
"GalaxE.Solutions Inc. Chairman and CEO Tim Bryan is leading efforts to bring jobs back to Detroit that have been lost to overseas competition."
- John Fernandez, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development, Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (August 2011)
"GalaxE.Solutions’ decision to invest in Michigan is yet another sign that we have the high-tech workforce and business infrastructure necessary for growing companies in the technology sector to expand. GalaxE.Solutions' commitment is great news for Michigan, Detroit, and our citizens."
- Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Michigan (April 2010)
President Barack Obama and GalaxE Chairman and CEO, Tim Bryan
GalaxE.Solutions is
helping to put Americans back to work
Bloomberg Television on GalaxE Bringing More US Jobs
Bloomberg Television on GalaxE
bringing more software development
jobs back to the U.S.
Read the front page Fortune article, Outsourcing turns from Rio and Bangalore to... Detroit?, featuring GalaxE.Solutions


GalaxE.Solutions CEO Tim Bryan was honored with

Goodwill Industries' 2014 "Lifetime Achievement Award"


A love letter from the city of Detroit to the world...

Showcasing Detroit as a world-class city for living and leisure, GalaxE.Solutions' "Love, Detroit!" video, as told through the words of a personal letter from the city to a "friend" implores the recipient to: "Come visit. It's time".

Displaying city images both iconic and eclectic, "Love, Detroit!", which refers to the letter's ending salutation, promotes the limitless lifestyle, artistic, cultural and entertainment resources that are uniquely Detroit - from Belle Isle, Campus Martius, Greektown and Mexican Town to Techno Fest, downtown sports teams and the Nain Rouge Parade.


Love Detroit


GalaxE.Solutions is the creator of the "Outsource to Detroit" initiative, which promotes Detroit as an international IT hub and onshore alternative - repatriating information technology jobs to the United States.
The Outsource to Detroit message continues to resonate with business leaders across the country to the White House, where GalaxE CEO Tim Bryan introduced the concept to President Obama at a national job repatriation summit.

The White House and GalaxE.Solutions on Insourcing American Jobs

GalaxE.Solutions: Bringing Jobs Home with "Outsource to Detroit"

GalaxE.Solutions on Reinvigorating the Jobs Market in Detroit


GalaxE.Solutions is a full service consulting firm focused on delivery excellence in the area of IT solutions across multiple technologies. GalaxE.Solutions is an industry leader in  designing and deploying systems that enable agile business processes to allow clients to transact and share information across internal networks and the Internet, targeting business results, competitiveness, and efficiency.

With state-of-the-art delivery centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, GalaxE.Solutions leverages its expertise in professional technology, staffing, and managed services to deliver quality solutions for the most demanding business and user requirements.

Our broad portfolio of services includes:



GalaxE.Solutions at the White House on Insourcing American Jobs

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