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Gx Podcast 02: The Changing Landscape of the PBM Industry GalaxE's Chief Automation Officer and EVP, Dheeraj Misra, and VP Business of Development, Tore Carlson, discuss mergers and acquisitions, pairing up of health plans and PBMs and more. READ MORE
Gx General Overview Gx General Overview Our business-enabling transformations impact people, communities and industries throughout the U.S. and around the world. As a recognized technology innovator with Fortune 500 companies, GalaxE is responsible for the growth and success of many industries. READ MORE
Gx Podcast 01: Emerging Technologies in Life Sciences President and COO, Sandipan Gangopadhyay, and Director of Delivery, Anusha Panduga, speak on the current and upcoming technologies that will significantly change healthcare. READ MORE
GalaxE Solutions Logo GalaxE Provides DevOps Assets for Regulated Environments In order to be truly effective, DevOps relies on Continuous Delivery (CD), which, in turn, requires Continuous Integration (CI). The release of incremental software changes needs not only automated release mechanisms, but also testing, code quality, security and privacy controls, and validation steps. READ MORE
DevOps Team DevOps: Understanding the 7 Key Stages of Agile Maturity Ladder DevOps, CI/CD, and Agile delivery are the focus of many operations group. Viewing and understanding the tiers of maturity diagram can help an organization benchmark its current maturity level. READ MORE
Gx DevOps Delivery DevOps 7 Maturity Tiers DevOps is a software engineering practice that unifies product development (dev) and operations (ops). It can create more frequent releases with shorter development cycles that result in more reliable products that aligns with your business objectives. READ MORE
GalaxE Infrastructure Health Check Infrastructure Health Check GalaxE infrastructure health check encompasses your entire network and provides you with a single source of truth on the health of your network systems. This current state network ‘snapshot’ and third party validation of all servers, systems and network appliances, can work as a guiding principal, industry benchmark, and road map to ensure you are… READ MORE
GalaxE DevOps in Highly Regulated Healthcare Environments DevOps in Highly Regulated Healthcare Environments GalaxE has developed a method that allows true agility in this type of regulated environment. In this white paper, we will examine GalaxE’s approach to DevOps and why GxDash™ and GxMaps™ are such important tools for the healthcare industry and other highly regulated businesses. READ MORE
Healthcare Technology Health Plan Provider use of Blockchain for EMR Implementation of Blockchain for EMR, with the goal of providing a consolidated 360 degree view we revolutionize the industry by integrating information available at various points of care. By treating all data sources from various organizations as blocks in the chain, on demand availability, and AI predictions can become the new way of providing effective… READ MORE